What We Do- Regular Events

Swansea Meeting offers regular opportunities for those involved in the Meeting to gather together to socialise and to enrich and develop their spiritual lives.

The following events and activities feature on the monthly diary which is usually made available after Meeting for Worship on the first and second Sundays of the month. Events and activities are also announced in Notices after Meeting and you can ask the Clerk or one of the Eldership and Oversight Team for further information.

Meeting for Worship
Meeting for Worship starts at 10.45 and is brought to an end at 11.45. The Meeting starts though as soon as the first person sits down in the circle of chairs in the Meeting Room.

Shared Lunch
Friends bring food to share with each other as they catch up with each other or get to know each other better. The shared lunch happens after the first Sunday in the month. You do not have to bring food – we normally have plenty spare.

Workshops and Talks
In the last year we have run workshops on Christianity, Agnosticism,
We have also visited the local mosque on St Helen's Road, heard individual Friends share their Spiritual Journeys.

Carmarthen Worship Group
Meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the
Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services The Mount 18 Queen Street Carmarthen SA31 1JT
Friends meet for an hour of silent Meeting for Worship, and informal discussion including coffee and tea afterwards.

Sustainability Group
The Sustainability Group is open to everyone in the Meeting and is a new development, having started in June 2012 and usually meeting on a monthly basis. So far we have watched and discussed parts of the Pam Lunn Swarthmoor Lecture and discussed how we can live more sustainable lives.

Support and Share Groups
There are three groups currently running and they meet usually on a roughly monthly basis in the homes of members of the Eldership and Oversight Team. Friends bring food to share with each other and they share what is happening with them.

Mid Week Meeting
This is usually held in the evening on the last Wednesday of the month.

Meditation Group

Book Club
Friends meet in each other homes to discuss a book they have all read beforehand and, of course, to socialise.

Swansea University Meetings for Worship
A lunchtime half hour Meeting for Worship is held at Swansea University twice termly.

Local walks are organised on a regular basis after Meeting for Worship.

A library is available in the Meeting House to borrow Quaker-related books and other resources.