Quaker Funerals

The Meeting for Worship on the occasion of a funeral or memorial meeting held after the manner of the Society of Friends has no set form.

It may be held either in a convenient meeting place or at the graveside, or both. Gathering together in silence, all present are invited to enter into the communion of prayer, bearing in mind those who are bereaved.

The silence may be broken by vocal prayer, by the reading of a passage from the Bible or other helpful words, as well as spoken messages, some of which may testify to the qualities which the deceased by the Grace of God displayed in life. Anyone who feels moved may speak.

In this way loving remembrance and thankfulness may rightly find expression, together with thoughts of comfort and sympathy for those left behind. Whether in silence or otherwise, all who are present may help by their thought and prayer, in the fellowship into which we are brought together by the Spirit of Christ.

The meeting ends with the shaking of hands.