Terms and Conditions of Use

Agreement to these conditions is required. Its adherence is the responsibility of the person(s) in charge and present when the group meets.

  1. Security and Safety Issues.
    1. Electronic keys are issued for entry, via the vehicular and pedestrian gates. These gates should never be left open. Doors giving access to the Meeting House, or the Annex should never be left unattended. If this is likely, the doors must be kept closed and locked.

    2. Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere in or any area outside the buildings where smoke can blow back into the buildings. All users must recognise their responsibility to ensure that no one from their group smokes in or close to the buildings. There is a legal responsibility to ensure adherence to the anti-smoking legislation even in the absence of the nominated responsible person(s) from the group.

    3. Groups must appoint a "Responsible Person" who is aware of all fire extinguishers, callout buttons and emergency exits, including those for the disabled, and keeps a head count of their group.
      1. In case of fire, they will need to oversee the evacuation of the building to the assembly and to inform the emergency services.
      2. Do not block any fire exits or escape routes, with items such as tables, chairs, prams, pushchair's and so forth.
      3. Bicycles are not allowed in the building(s).
      4. Candles and any naked flames must not be used at any time.
      5. Hirers are responsible for their own First Aid equipment.
      6. Regular users MUST have their own Public Liability Insurance.

    4. Refuse is not collected by the local Council as we are a church and exempt from Business Rates. Groups must take their rubbish away with them and not leave them either in the Meeting House, Annex, the grounds or outside the premises. Soiled nappies should be wrapped and removed from the building when you leave.

    5. When you leave please check and lock all doors and windows even if you are not aware that they were opened by your group. Switch off all lights. Ensure you have cleared and cleaned the kitchen. All access doors and gates must be shut and locked when you leave. Ensure you leave your room with the furniture arranged correctly ready for the next hirer.

    6. No animals (excluding Registered Assistance Animals) are allowed in the Meeting House, the Annex or the grounds at any time.
    7. 7. Hirers are reminded that the car park is not a play area and should be mindful at all times of vehicles entering, leaving, or moving inside the car park.


  2. Use of the building
    1. Hirers must keep the building in good condition and prevent damage by:
      1. Covering floors and tables for messy craft activities.
      2. Not attaching anything to the walls, doors or other painted surfaces with sticky tape, glue or any other adhesive.
      3. Not using items such as: - glitter, rice, confetti, henna.
      4. Not wearing stiletto heels in the Meeting Room as it may cause damage to the floor.

    2. Hirers are responsible for damage and breakages caused by their group or anything they bring in with them and are advised to have their own insurance.

    3. Children should be supervised at all times when on the premises and are not allowed in any of the rooms without adult supervision.

    4. You may not leave property on the premises between meetings without permission. Items left without permission will be removed and disposed of. There are lockable cupboards for storage use available for hire.

    5. Users are asked to be careful not to disturb other groups, particularly if waiting before a meeting. You should also bear in mind that some groups have silence as part of their procedures.

    6. These premises are not covered by a TV Licence. You may not watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or device, or to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. It is a criminal offence to do so, and you risk prosecution and a fine.

    7. We do not have a Public Performance Licence and so music is not allowed on the premises at any time.

    8. Alcohol and intoxicants are not to be brought onto nor consumed on the premises at any time.


  3. Other conditions.
    1. Hirers are requested to give as much notice as possible about a cancellation. Less than 48 hours' notice will result in a full charge for the room hire. Occasionally a booking may be cancelled for a Quaker event. We will give as much notice as possible, but especially in the case of funerals, this may only be a few days.

    2. We reserve the right to deny further bookings to any group which fails to adhere to the above conditions or Quaker principles or testimonies.

    3. All bookings are between Swansea Quakers and the individual who has signed the booking form or the group they represent. This booking is not transferable to any other group or activity than that described on the booking form.

    4. Swansea Quakers do not accept any liability for loss or damage to the property of users which may occur on the premises. All groups are responsible for carrying out their own risk assessments and obtaining their own insurance cover.

    5. We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use and will, where applicable, inform you of the change(s).


    Effective from: 1st May 2021. Version No. 10.6