Annexe Health and Safety Information


The plan above shows the location of the Emergency Exits, the Fire Alarm Buttons and the Fire Extinguishers. Familiarize yourself with these. Fire extinguishers should only be used to fight small fires and only after the alarm has been raised.

Make sure you keep a count of how many people are in your group so that, in an emergency, you can do a head count at the Assembly Point. Make sure all of your group know the location of the Assembly Point.

Anything that has a naked flame, candles, lanterns, matches, hurricane lamps and so on, are not allowed anywhere on the premises.

All spillages must be cleaned up immediately to prevent accidents.

All communal areas (shown in grey on the plan above) must be kept clear of any obstacles at all times.

The door is the only way in and out of the building. This, too, must be kept clear of any obstacles at all times.

All cupboards must have their doors closed when not in use.

Bicycles are not allowed in the Annexe and must be left in the car park. There are racks that bicycles can be chained to.

Playing and socializing is not allowed in the car park.

Other Information

Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the premises at any time.

There is no smoking anywhere inside the Annexe or the car park in front of the building. There is a smoking station beside the side gate outside the Meeting House kitchen. This is the only place smoking is allowed.

Vaping is not allowed anywhere inside the Meeting House.


There is a large hot water boiler in the kitchen which can be filled with water and used during the hire. Please note, that, if left at the highest setting, the kitchen will fill with steam and the boiler may burn dry. This, as with kettles, must be treated with caution at all times.

The oven, hob and microwave are available for re-heating pre-prepared food only. Cooking is not allowed.

Crockery is available in marked cupboards and is for communal use. This is for use of all hirers and must be washed, dried and returned to their respective cupboards after use.

Cutlery is also available for communal use and, as with the crockery, must be washed, dried and returned to the respective drawer.

The heating system are electric heaters and are turned on and off by the switch beside each heater. These can be turned on and off as required.


Swansea Quakers do not receive a rubbish removal service from the council so all rubbish must be disposed of by hirers. This must be taken away and not left on or outside the premises.

A mop and bucket and carpet sweeper can be found in the accessible toilet.

A broom and dust pan and brush are available in the corridor between between the main room, kitchen and toilets.

Other cleaning materials are under the sink in the kitchen.

Hirers must use the cleaning equipment to clean up after use and leave the building in a fit state.